When my husband presented me with my Bible on our wedding day, its pages were crisp, white, and clean. Seventeen years later, those pages are covered in dust, sweat, and tears, their margins filled with the agonized questions and relieved responses that are the overflow of my life experience.

Like my Bible, I am weathered and messy. I have lived much of my adult life in South Asia, grappling with issues that we never covered in my undergrad or graduate theology classes back in America. My own experiences of pain, struggle, and trauma have left their marks on me, but they have also driven me deeper into the stories of Scripture, searching for answers to questions I had never thought to ask before. As I have repeatedly brought my broken self to God and His Word, He has comforted, healed, and re-created me in His own beautiful way.


My current life context is the green pastures of St. Andrews, Scotland. I still have the privilege of engaging with the struggles of Christian leaders throughout Africa and Asia, where I regularly travel to teach Spiritual Formation for DAI‘s MA program in Organizational Leadership. At home I enjoy reflective cross-country running, freelance writing, debating theology with my scholarly husband, homeschooling our three high-octane children, and hopelessly failing to tame our multi-cultural golden retriever.

Tiffany Clark

17 thoughts on “About”

  1. I never saw South Asia from your perspective while we were there. I am so blessed to have an awesome mother like you. Thanks for letting me be part of your life as I grow older and learn to appreciate you and your wisdom more and more.

  2. Heard about your blog through your family who is friendly with one of my friends at Rio Vista church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Looking forward to following you and your journey.

  3. Susanne from Germany told me about your blog. I am sorry for all you have been through at the hands of men. When I read your story and Susanne’s and others like them on the net, it is hard not to be ashamed for so much of my own messed up life and that unbroken “man” that has been in me and his attitudes toward women in the past. I am so glad to see that Jesus has been restoring you to who you were meant to be and through it all is taking you into an even greater glory in the presence of our Father.

    1. Thank you for your affirming words, Michael. Men do have profound power of women (more, I suspect, than they usually realize). When a man uses his position and his voice to affirm and honor the women around him, he is participating in the mutual glory that we were all intended to share together. Your humble posture and tender heart are a true reflection of our Lord. May He continue His redemptive work in and through you.

  4. Thanks Tiffany. I thought that you did not respond to my comment until tonight when I found that my spam filter had put a number or emails from different WordPress blogs in my spam box on my Gmail webmail site.
    Thank you for your kind answer and I am sorry I didn’t catch this problem sooner.
    God bless and keep you as you share your heart with us.

  5. Tiffany, I found your wonderful blog through Michael Clark! The Lord has recently brought me into contact with some true brothers and sisters through their blogs. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts. May the Lord continue to fill you with “a word in season” for His people ♥.

  6. Brenda and Tiffany, It is a blessing to see that you two have connected.
    “Therefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also you do.” (1 Thessalonians 5:11 KJ2000)

      1. And I am looking forward to discovering the person God has sent to be a mutual comforter with. 🙂 I pray He will continue to surround you with faces and voices that manifest His love for you.

        Thank you for praying for that word in season. I feel the need for now more than ever. May He hear and answer your prayers.

  7. A joy to find your site today through the Facebook posting of a safe friend. I love how you see “into” some of the stories in scripture that I have always closed too quickly, afraid that they would only validate my doubts about God more than they would bring me closer to Him. I’ve had to force myself to read through some of your posts more slowly, with an open heart, instead of slamming them shut, afraid. Thank you for staying in it and wrestling out these truths and sharing them here, treasures of darkness that they are. Bless you.

    1. The deep transparency of your comment has stuck with me since I read it. The fact that you are willing to subject yourself to the challenge of confronting uncomfortable truths and, even more, confronting the fears that they potentially raise in you speaks of your true heart. I pray that the Spirit of our Lord who is alive and at work in you will hold you through the uncertainty of your experiences and the uneasiness of your doubts. I am confident of this, that He who started this good work in you will be faithful to complete it. May He bless and keep you close.

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