A Mighty Line of Mothers


In you I meet Eve,
Embodiment of the Spirit’s glory
Bearer of the seed who will triumph over evil
Mother of all the living

In you I meet Sarah,
Personification of beauty and faith
Bearer of the long-awaited (and sometimes doubted) covenantal heir
Foremother of our faith

In you I meet Miriam,
Prophetess of the Most High
Guardian of the deliverer, worship leader of the delivered
Nurturer of a nation

In you I meet Deborah,
Spokeswoman of the King
Dispensing justice, raising up leaders
Mother of Israel

In you I meet Hannah,
Maidservant of God
Faith-filled in shame, faithful in devotion
Producer of a king-maker

In you I meet Abigail,
Voice of the Holy Spirit
Intelligent in intervention, beautiful in form
Savior of a king

In you I meet Ruth,
Humble bondservant to God
Faithful steward of little, honored with much
Noble woman

In you I meet the Queen of Proverbs,
Essence of feminine nobility
Teacher, manager, businesswoman, homemaker, fashion plate
Glory of her husband, Hero to her children

Happy Mother’s Day

2 thoughts on “A Mighty Line of Mothers”

  1. Beautiful, Tiffany. The more I teach, the more I want to find stories that honor godly men and women, and help inspire my students to be godly men and women. Unfortunately, it seems harder to find the stories of godly women, as the attitude that nice girls don’t make history has filtered through our culture. Thanks for this.

    1. There is a seed of truth to that sentiment, Josiah. In God’s telling of history, I think there are plenty of “nice” girls with powerful roles. But in our retelling of those stories, we rarely give the appropriate attention to them and thus perpetuate the feeling that women are somehow less significant than men. I chuckle to read some of these stories in the Bible, imagining such actions on the part of godly women within our churches and wondering how well they would be received in our context. If we teach our girls to behave like them, we will be raising some radicals!

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