Longing for Eden

Once upon a time a garden grew
Where darkness had covered and Spirit flew
Planting the seed of something new:
The conception of Eden.

Beauty and order, life and light
Sprang from the earth and ended the night
God in His garden declared it all “right”:
The birth of Eden.

Not yet finished, good but not best
God stepped back and man failed the test.
Fruit prematurely plucked, cursing the rest:
The loss of Eden.

Again God came near and His Spirit hovered,
Planting the Seed in the womb of another
Angels sang with hope recovered:
The promise of Eden.

Withered vines healed, fruit restored
Mustard seed grew, moving toward
A garden more sweet and full than before:
The glory of Eden.

Still unfinished, the garden felt its lack
As thorns pierced His brow and He took its flack.
Sun hid its face as earth received Him back:
The Seed of Eden.

Garden grows on, new fruit arrives.
Pink cheeks fill our hearts, rosy dreams fill our eyes.
We celebrate the gift of life:
The joy of Eden.

Dark shadows steal over fresh rosy cheeks.
Mother heart pierced, father heart weeps.
Fruit prematurely plucked, hope and curse meet:
The death of Eden.

Sun still comes up but limp limbs hang down.
What comfort, what purpose in going on?
Empty arms, barren trees, sweet fruit now gone:
The loss of Eden.

But sure as the dawn we for look for the morn
When seed will again sprout, life be reborn
Empty tomb greet those who show up to mourn:
The resurrection of Eden.

Until then we tarry, inspired to nurture
The garden around us, our friends, family, culture.
Preparing the earth for its bright promised future:
The coming of Eden.

In Memory of
Eden Wang-Hua Clark
July 2, 2014–October 20, 2014


10 thoughts on “Longing for Eden”

  1. Thanks for this thoughtful, touching blog in tribute to Eden. This beautiful girl has touched so many during his short life. So sad for Ben, Melinda, and the entire family. Lord have mercy!

  2. A beautiful poem for a beautiful baby. I have been praying for her and was grieved to hear of her death. You all are dear sweet precious people and know we are praying for you all and especially for Ben & Melinda.
    Much love,
    Kathy & Scott

  3. Beautiful Baby and loving tribute to her. I am so sorry for your loss. No words can adequately express the loss of a child. My prayers to you and all the family.

  4. So sorry to hear of your and your family’s great loss, Tiffany.

    In a certain sense I can relate because we lost our only son through miscarriage in 2009. And even today when I see a boy of his age, tears are running down my cheeks. Although I truly know that David is with Jesus because He showed him to me in a vision after his death, weeping and mourning is sometimes still part of my life (yesterday was such a day, for example). Nonetheless, it is comforting for me to know that Jesus was completely human as he wept as well because of Lazarus’ death.

    Just in case you’re interested, Tiffany, here’s the link to the blog post where I described – inter alia – my experience with Jesus and David.


    May God bless you and your whole family immensely and give you comfort through His Spirit!

    Much love,

    1. My heart aches for you, Susanne. I’m so grateful, though, that our Lord graciously gave you that glimpse of your son for you to treasure and hold onto until the day that you see him at last in the Kingdom. He is such a sweet Comforter! May He keep you as the apple of His eye and hold you close under His wings.

  5. Tiffany and Susanne, I am sitting here trying to hold back the tears and failing. What pain and sorrow fill my heart as Father lets me experience what you both have felt. Yet I know that Eden and David are with Him now and someday I will get to meet them along with both of you precious sisters. Love you both dearly, Michael

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